Food Details

Only 1 protein in the kitchen to manage

Simple Cooking, all food items are prepared in fryers.

Fresh, Never Frozen Chicken

100% Canadian Chicken, No Fillers

In house battered and breaded fresh to order

Core Food Items

Smiley Sandwich

Description: Tender chicken breast on cheesy garlic bread, tossed with your choice of sauce or seasoning.

Ingredient Count: 7-9 (Including Packaging)


Breaded gourmet wings.

Meals: 0.5lb, 0.75lb, 1lb

Sharables: 1.5lb, 2lb, 3lb, 5lb

Ingredient Count: 10-13 (Including Packaging)


Breaded chicken or golden cauliflower bites.

Meals: Regular, Medium, Large

Shareables: Extra Large, Family, Super Family

Ingredient Count: 10-13 (Including Packaging)

quality speaks for itself...

At WingsUp!, we believe that our customers value taste over time. Our food is 100% fresh. With our streamlined menu each item is made-to-order, free of additives, and never frozen. From mouth-watering mains to appetizing sides, it has something for every palette.

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