Portrait of Vitul Patel

Vitul Patel

Owner/Operator - Both Hamilton Locations

I see a lot of potential in the company, as it has good attributes, and is a great concept. I don't feel working in a larger company would have helped me grow as much professionally as I have so far with WingsUp!. Because WingsUp! is a small company, it provides opportunities and flexibility that I don't think would happen with a bigger franchise. This is why I choose to share my experiences with friends and family, and help spread the word about WingsUp! in general.

Portrait of Karan Arora

Karan Arora

Owner/Operator - Guelph Location

I've been working under Darren since starting at the Milton location in May 2011. He saw a lot of potential in me. I put so much effort and care into my work at Milton, that I knew it would pay off more so if I ran my own store. I have always felt the Head Office team has been there for me from the beginning. Whether I'm asking for marketing strategies, to product or business knowledge, to troubleshooting systems, training, audits at the store to make sure we're operating to standard, down to taking care of financials.

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