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What Makes a WingsUp! Franchise Unique?

Ahead of the Curve

65% of our business comes from online traffic

Easy to Operate

Simple menu, fewer ingredients, less prep time

Small Footprint

Less upkeep, more affordable rent, less maintenance, lower utility costs


Our chicken is never frozen and is sourced from Canada

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide all of our guests with a truly fresh and satisfying comfort food experience. Everyday we provide the best quality food and service to turn each guests into a loyal enthusiast.

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Why Choose a WingsUp?

Our franchise model allows you to open your own business with all the operations, management, training, marketing, purchasing, and ordering systems in place. With all this support, you can rest assured that everything will run smooth and efficient, right from day one.

Easy to Operate
Small Footprint
Low Operating Cost
Easy to Operate
Small Footprint
Low Operating Cost

We continue to grow in Ontario, and have proven to be successful in different settings. With high standards in quality, operations, branding and overall service experience, we want the best people to join our team.

Our success overall is based on being the right fit, together!

Are You Ready to Become a Business Owner?

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franchisee testimonials

This could be you!

Faraz Tung

Owner/Operator | Mississauga, Ontario

The team at WingsUp! has truly been instrumental in setting me up for success as a franchisee. The team goes above and beyond to ensure that I have all the tools and resources I need to thrive in my business. Whether it's assistance with operations, marketing strategies, or any other aspect of running a franchise, they're always there to offer their expertise and support. What sets WingsUp! apart is the freshness of the food, and the commitment to provide a quality product/service to the customers. All these factors result in not only a happy customer, but also a successful franchisee which helps fuel growth!

Portrait of Karan Arora

Karan Arora

Multi-Unit Owner/Operator | Guelph, Ontario

I've been working under Darren since starting at the Milton location in May 2011. He saw a lot of potential in me. I put so much effort and care into my work in Milton, that I knew it would pay off more if I ran my own store. I have always felt the Head Office team has been there for me from the beginning. Whether I'm asking for marketing strategies, product or business knowledge, how to troubleshoot our systems, training, audits at the store to make sure we're operating to standard, down to taking care of financials.

Taniya Shah

Owner/Operator, Woodstock, Ontario

I have been working in the restaurant business sector for a long time and always dreamed to have a business of my own. That dream came true with WingsUp! in which I saw great potential. WingsUp! has a decent geographic spread when it comes to locations. The best thing about it is the quality that WingsUp! promises with fresh, never frozen chicken that is rare to see these days. With its focused menu items which also come with great deal of diversity in terms of choice.